Five-time Olympic Champion Ágnes Keleti in attendance for the Junior World Championships

Five-time Olympic Champion Ágnes Keleti in attendance for the Junior World Championships

Five-time Olympic champion Ágnes Keleti was in the attendance for the inaugural Junior World Championships in Győr. The 98 year-old gymnastics legend – the oldest living Summer Olympic Champion – thinks that the Junior Worlds offer valuable experience for the upcoming gymnastics generation.

“Gymnastics has changed and evolved a lot, everything got faster – and it’s very pleasing to see so many talented youngsters competing. I really hope that this event marks only the beginning of the career of these gymnasts”Ágnes Keleti told the media team of the Junior World Championships.

Dr Tünde Szabó, the Hungarian State Secretary for Sport stated that the inaugural Junior Worlds carry some important lessons and messages.

“The idea for the Junior World Championships was a Hungarian initiative, so we can celebrate a Hungarian sports diplomatic success with hosting the event. We are seeing the future of gymnastics and perhaps the future big champions as well. And that means these athletes can soon become idols for other youngsters. And we shall not forget that we are organising a major event in an Olympic discipline with more than 60 nations competing – so we can prove and show again that Hungary is able to deliver excellent sports events” – she said.

Krisztián Kulcsár, the President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee complimented the Junior Worlds.

“Back on Thursday the city of Győr framed my day: I was present at the opening ceremony, then I had to go back to Budapest to deal with some affairs and I came back for the evening session podium ceremony. I would like to offer my congratulations to the City of Győr and the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation, as they have organised a fantastic event” – he commented.

Saturday is the first day of the apparatus finals: the session begins at 14:00 CET. As usual, the men will compete on floor, pommel horse and rings, while the women compete on vault and uneven bars. The Junior World Championships conclude on Sunday with the remaining five apparatus finals.

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