Podium Training kicks off at the Junior Worlds

Podium Training kicks off at the Junior Worlds

Győr’s Audi Arena is ready to host the best junior gymnasts of the world: with the MAG podium training sessions the 1st FIG Junior World Artistic Gymnastics Championships was really set in motion.

New hall.

New impulses.

New equipment.

Pretty much everything was new. The gymnasts had their first opportunity to try the competition hall at the Junior Worlds, and practice on the new apparatus – hosts Hungary and Russia started to work at 10 in the morning, in the running order of the competition itself. The gymnasts passed through the event presentation staff and the official photo session before they finished their training.

“It was rather nice! Everything is new to us, the space, the equipment – it’s all great, it just takes a little bit to get used to it! Routines were also fairly all right with minor mistakes, but we corrected them later in the session, so everything is okay! It’s the first time for me having to go through all the presentation process and the official photo shoot, but I enjoyed it a lot! Brand new equipment means everything was a bit slippery, but as all the gymnasts work on all the apparatus during the podium trainings, they kind of break in the equipment and it’s going to be perfectly okay for the competition.” – Hungarian Youth Olympic Games medallist Krisztián Balázs told in the mixed zone.

Podium training runs all day for the men, the last group finishes about half past nine in the evening. Tomorrow the women will have the opportunity to get accustomed to the new equipment and surroundings – and then on Thursday the competition kicks off!

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